• Single Rooms(area/18.1m2)

  • Twin Rooms(area/25.9m2)

  • Suites(area/64.0m2)
    The totally coordinated soft beige interior
    provides guests with a comfortable space.

  • Japanese-style Rooms(area/60.8m2)
    These rooms can be partitioned into two
    each with its own bathroom.

The rates include 10% survice charge and consumpion tax.

Room Type One Person Two Persons Threee Persons Four Persons Five Persons
Single Bedroom ¥9,300
Double Bedroom ¥10,300 ¥16,500
Twin Bedroom
Deluxe Twin Bedroom


Excellent Twin Bedroom ¥13,400 ¥21,600
Suite Room ¥49,400 ¥49,400
Japanese-style Room ¥49,400 ¥49,400 ¥52,500 ¥55,600 ¥58,700
Baby cot Free of charge
  • ※For guests useing the hotel’s parking facilities , a fee of 1,000 yen per day(include comsumption tax)will be charged.
  • ※We have non-smoking rooms.
    Please let us know your preference when you make your reservation.